Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest VI

The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest 6 was held on June 21 through the 25 at Circle Pines Center in Delton, Michigan. I volunteered earlier in the year to host aerial yoga workshops all weekend for the attendees of the festival. This was the first none music festival I have ever attended. Instead of the main attraction being music, it was speakers of all kinds. There were two area stages where speakers were hosted, one being the spontaneous order tent and the other being the permanent pavilion on the property. The pavilion was the same place I held my aerial yoga sessions each morning. People who came to talk were knowledgeable people with interests in freedom, expression and information. Though I did not attend all scheduled speakers, I did listen to Derrick with the Liberate your mind tour group, Dale with the Detroit Special Forces and Dayna Martin the radical parenting freedom activist. They were so informative of information they acquired throughout their years of life. Each night everyone would gather by the fire. As "anarchists," they enjoyed meeting each other and learning about everyone. The festival group was around 100 or so with some old and new faces. I introduced myself as Rainbow all weekend, as I usually do when I have Ruby the Rig set up for Rainbow Flyte to fly. I learned what anarchy is. I learned what being a libertarian is. I learned about none violent communication. I learned about living off grid. I learned about the secrets of the government and corporations. I learned about expanding your mind with psychedelics. I did not partake in that extra curricular activity but Louise was a shaman sharing his insights on expanding the mind for the self. To help kill the ego and face traumas of conditioning. I learned what real freedom is. We may not ever see complete freedom in our lifetime but its nice to experience it and understand it even for a short while. I learned that peace, love and anarchy can change the world. I learned more about how society is constructed as a machine and humans are taken advantage of, yet don't even know it. I learned what radical parenting is. I learned about home schooling your children and how important that is but people don't understand or how many people use schooling as a way to escape their children, to have a break. I learned about trust. I sat in the suana, questioning if I was right or wrong to have my bathing suit on while everyone else was naked. It wasn't about being naked. That was the farthest thing from anyone's mind. Nothing about 8 naked people in a suana was sexual or uncomfortable in any way. It was...LIBERATING. A beautiful experience to say the least. I believe festivals are transforming because when people come together, ideas are shared, experiences are shared and most importantly, knowledge is shared. Humans work best in numbers. We have families of all sizes for more reasons than we know. Another topic of conversation was this exact thing. Correlating with prescription pills. Why are so many people on them. So many people who have these depression, anxiety, self issues that get prescribed medication in which makes you NOT be able to carry on a normal conversation with a group of people. Its not human to have social anxiety. We are social beings. Medication masks that need for mental stimulation. I call these people zombies. This whole topic upsets me so much. It fuels my desires to start a circus day care/school. Where children and teens can come and spend the day, to run, jump, play, flip, fall, tumble, paint, dress up, color, climb and create and even help teach other kids things they enjoy. These children don't have learning issues or behavior problems, they are being themselves. The system isn't created for creative hyper children. Its created to form them into workers to depend on social security when they are too old to work. Creating losers and winners when really we all just want to be accepted and loved for who we are. I am a circus soul. I belong in the circus world. the entertaining world. my personality, my soul, me...I know what makes me happy and comfortable. Circus, all of it. I never needed school. i did well in school. I can study and ace the test but what's the outcome? Especially being taught untrue material. It kept me from being who I truly am. It took me 21 years to feel good in my own head. I had to ask what the point of all it was. There was no point. As a warrior, everything that happened was only a lesson. Not in algebra or astronomy, chemistry or economics. It taught me I'd never fit into society's views of a perfect human. I'll never graduate from Harvard or need transcripts. I was confused until I learned I could live out of the box. I will never be rich in money or live on a private island. I'm okay with that because no part of my life is worth throwing away for something "better." I am happy. I am content. I have been building my dreams for five years and though still only a girl, one girl in the world of mislead confusion, I am doing what everyone wishes they could. I can do that because I believe in freedom. I believe in love. I believe in myself. This is the kind of thing you hear a lot at peace festival but this peace and liberty festival was so much more. I've never seen so much acceptance and understanding mixed with curiosity and wisdom. I've found yet another tribe to love and honor. See you in 2019 anfam.

In the photo I am the one doing a headstand in front....surprising huh ;)

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