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Making Dreams Come True

So, an amazing thing happened. I have a van on hold. Not just any van, a #Volkswagen van. It’s a 2000 T4. A #Eurovan. If you’ve read my other blogs, you will know how important this is to me. I am thankful for being aware of the laws of the universe. First and foremost being the law of attraction. It took me years to become adherent to this life style but as long as you stay positive, positive things happen. That’s the only rule to it. I am just speechless at how one thing led to another and now I will be part of the #VW club in less than two weeks. Take chances. Take risks. Or you will never know how much you can achieve. Let’s start at the beginning:

In January, I decided I wanted to buy a van this coming summer. I want a vehicle I can use to transport my circus equipment and bring my dogs. They don’t do very well in tents, but they love rides and don’t mind staying in the car a while if needed. They are good travel dogs for me. At first, I set my goals on a Volkswagen T2. I looked all over the internet for something cheap enough within my budget. I don’t make a whole lot of money and I do have bills, but I started to save a little bit at a time. I have never really set my goals financially outside of short term plans, so this was a fun new thing in my life. I sense a slight addiction feeling. I see why people become obsessed with saving money. As I began my search I learned VW buses were not exactly cheap. Especially a 60’s or 70’s version. The cheapest I found was $7000 for a decent reliable mini bus. I did the math and even if I got more hours at work, I still couldn’t save more than one thousand dollars a month if my deadline was at the beginning of June. I accepted the fate I most likely wouldn’t be getting a Volkswagen.

In March I started looking for something else. I started simply by searching assorted styles of vans which caught my eye. If I could see myself living out of it temporarily when I had to, it was considered. I landed on looking for conversion vans. Now that I had an idea of what kind I wanted, I had to decided on which brand name to buy. Lots of vans are the same styles but have different makers. Some makes, and models are better than others for certain reasons. I had a Chevy G20 in mind but when I asked my grandfather about it, he told me I’d be better off buying a G10. I loved the styles but again the ones for sale around me weren’t in my budget. I continued in my search. Shortly after talking to grandpa about what kind to start looking for, I came across a Chevy Astro Conversion Safari van. I fell absolutely in love with it. The bad part was it was in Ohio, a good 5 hours away from me. The van was a miniature conversion van. It seemed perfect for my size. I texted and asked my grandpa to call the ad for me because I was fearful I wouldn’t ask the right questions and they would reject me. Which really isn’t a big deal, but I hate being put on the spot and looking like an idiot. He had gotten home late and told me, he would call in the morning. I am impatient, so I texted right away when I woke up Saturday morning. I am a sweet welcoming person and sense I said too much via text without a call first. I think I seemed like one of those craigslist scammers because I mentioned having questions. They expected me to not be real about it if I couldn’t call. (I am just assuming that) I have learned that when buying something, to call, not text. As much as our generation is conditioned to be afraid of calls and live talk with a real person. I admit my fear on that one. Obviously, they did not text me back. There were two different people I texted about their vans but neither one answered so I took it as a sign I was doing it wrong or the universe was letting me know these weren’t the ones I was going to get.

I settled my anxiety about it and moved on. I continued to save my money and stay focused on my end goal, “a van before June.” April 27, I received a consumers energy credit in form of check which was an extra addition to my savings. On April 30th, I started my unexpected week off work. Unfortunately, because I make cash weekly for being Sophia’s nanny, that was a week without pay. We feared I had a skin infection so when the doctor prescribed medication, we decided it would be best to stay home away from the family to give my medication time to work and my skin time to heal. I had a slight staph infection where I had what looked like acne on various parts of my face, back neck and right shoulder blade. Not any flesh-eating disease but still a scare enough to take action. Meaning that extra money I had via check on that previous Friday was used during the week. The following week I was excited to go back to see Sophia and start collecting money again. That was my first time off in a year which would have been nice if I was allowed to go in the sun, travel or do something fun.

That following weekend, I was randomly looking online to see what new vans popped up in the area. I knew it was a slim to none chance at find the exact conversion astro I wanted so I settled on being okay with a regular astro van. I had found an astro van for sale in Kalamazoo, the town I am in, so I felt maybe that was fate too. I had Trav come with me and he had his mechanic friend meet us there. The consensus was a no considering the transmission was shifting hard. This was also at a dealership in the recently purchased auction section. The guy who bought it knew nothing about it so when we told him it shifted funny, he had to drive it and see for himself. I was sad she wasn’t the one.

A few days later, I had to order all my materials for the Michigan Liberty and Peace Festival #MLPF I am attending on June 21, 22, 23 and 24 in Delton, Michigan. I am hosting aerial workshops for the attendees of the festival introducing them to stretching with an aerial hammock. My appearance is being advertised as aerial yoga, but they have yet to find out it’s more circus style movement rather than balanced ground yoga. A huge chunk of my savings was used to purchase all my materials which sent me into a short temporary shock of seeing that number go down so drastically. At this point, I had to accept the fact I had to set my van goal back a bit. I now set in my mind I was going to get one before June 20. The day after I made my giant purchase for my aerial materials, my dad texts me to ask how the van search is going. I explained my goals and told him I just had to set my date back. He then told me he was gifting me with $1000 towards the van. This immediately made me cry tears of happiness. I was so thankful my dad came through without even knowing or being asked. It seemed #magical. I told him it was an angelic offer.

With my budget kicked back up into gear, I started looking yet again for a van within my budget. I came across a new posting I hadn’t seen before. I started sending Travis the new posts I was finding, he mentioned liking the white 2000 van. It was a VW Eurovan. It wasn’t exactly the style I was looking for, but the inside was still big enough to change it into what I wanted. I looked up the average cost of these kinds of vehicles and they were pretty high. I wondered why this specific van was so cheap. Vws aren’t cheap. There were a few minor things wrong with it. When I realized it was only 4 minutes away from where I was at, I wanted to go see it right away. When Sheila released me, I drove down the road and found the Volkswagen Eurovan sitting on the side of the road. She was beautiful. Very clean, white, perfect for painting with my sisters, and she didn’t have very many miles on her for an 18-year-old vehicle. In the driveway I called the number on the sign. No texting this time. I was adamant about this van. I wanted to talk to someone face to face even if this wasn’t the van I ended up with. When they didn’t answer, I left a message on the answering machine, then emailed right away as well. Ya know, just in case my voice crackled, or my number didn’t get heard correctly. Jeff, the owner, ended up calling me back at 5pm.

This is Thursday evening-yesterday. I called him back within an hour to ask permission to test drive the van. Over the phone he was inviting and welcoming. As soon as Travis and I got out there, Jeff met us at the end of the driveway and began telling us this vans history. It was his hippie sisters van, but age makes us grow out of things. Jeff, a mechanic for many many years knew this van was a rare find and if he could fix it up, he could sell it to someone else who will keep it alive. He walked around the van with us, told us all about every part he fixed and repaired, even down to the treated rust spots on the back door. He showed us how to work the back benches and take out the seats. When we took it down the road for a test drive, it ran smoother than my car. It was a nice ride, smooth, calm and controlled. I fell in love. The back windows are all none tinted. They wrap all the way around the van. I wasn’t wasting anytime locking this amazing find in. I wanted it. I felt it and connected with it. I felt it was really meant to be this time. The help from my dad randomly, the random searching I was doing while Sophia was taking an early nap and the energy I had about calling Jeff, going over there and talking with him. He was very informative about the van knowing the things he did to upgrade it or even just fix what needed to be done. We enjoyed Jeff and his knowledge. We showed interest in knowing more about what he does so he took us on a tour of his garage of the cars he wants to fix up. He had a T bucket and some other old cars he wanted to make drivable again, but he just doesn’t have the time while working on other people’s vehicles. He told me to keep my down payment and come back next week when I had the complete amount. He would pull it back up to his garage and keep it parked for me until I pay it off. This was best scenario. This was exactly what I had wished for when I found the van online earlier that day. Visualizing is the way to get things done. I visualized myself in this van. I saw myself using it for my gigs, camping and even just hanging out in for no reason at all. I knew when I started looking for vans, I had to be warry of the type of person to buy from. I had to know what kind of person to look for who would take advantage of me and to find someone who was truly genuine in their sale. Finding Jeff and his van were two of the best possible things that could have happened in my search to complete my mission I started drafting up not even a full six months ago. If you believe anything is possible, the universe will show you how right you are. Law of Attraction. Be Positive. Stay Positive. Love your life. It shall reward.

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