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First Blog Post. Bonjour mon amie

Updated: May 18, 2018

My first blog beyond my instagram diary. I am figuring out how to manage my website and the blog to go with it. Today is May 3, 2018. The fifth month of the year already. It has been a good one so far. I have made lots of plans and goals for this year. Such as learning how to handstand, forearm stand, contortion training, aerial progression, learning to crochet, and garden. I must say, I am really proud of myself for my dedication and success thus far. This website management and blogging is yet another 'To-Do" I am adding to the list. I've been following all kinds of travelers and travel bloggers on Instagram so I am quite motivated and inspired to continue on with my small steps to that lifestyle as well. Since January, I have been saving for a van. At first it was for a Volkswagen van but as my search widened, I found I would not be able to afford a decent reliable old VW before my deadline of June. I have spent hours looking for another make and style. I've decided upon a late 90's Chevy/GMC conversion astro van. I think they are adorable and see myself driving it from Michigan to New Orleans to California. Only of course if it provides me with such luck. In the works is an idea plan to go on a one year adventure living in the van. A date hasn't been chosen yet, as I have a lot to learn about living off grid. I think that specific life style challenges the normal way of living and just that alone attracts me to want to try it. I am confident I would enjoy temporary stays and life on the road. I look forward to the bad days as much as I look forward to the good. I know life is not easy going and do not expect it to be. I think explorers are drawn to challenges because it builds them as people. It gives them experience and adds chapters to their life stories. If everyday was easy and happy all the time, it would lead to a pretty dull life. In every good story there are characters, a beginning, setting, plot, conflict, climax and resolution or ending. In a world so big, why not write a million different chapters to complete the book of your life? I knew as a child I was meant for a different world. I knew I was never going to be "normal." I never want to live the same day twice. If I am in the same place, doing the same thing, I look to learning. Discovering and creating are ingredients for change. Change means different. Something I am learning to be okay with. Something I have to be okay with. Something to look forward to. Something to get excited about. To wake up for every single day.

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