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About me...

Hello there, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Rainbow Flyte. My birth name is Courtney Ehn. (Pronounced BEAN without the B.) My friends call me Rainbow or Clynn.  I have been an aerialist since 2013 (Aerial4me, Grand Rapids, MI). I am a performing artist and aerial instructor (NECCA Certified.) I found passion in aerial arts because it forced me to go beyond mental limitations and gave the opportunity to learn muscle control and body awareness in a challenging yet fun way. FUN FITNESS. 

I'm a character in life and strive to make my fellow earthlings smile. Besides aerial silks, hammock, lyra, frame and cube. I also play with double fire staff, poi, belly dance &  have been working on hand balancing/contortion. 

Rainbow Flyte Aerial Arts keeps me busy and continuously growing and expanding in physical and mental abilities.

One day I would love to open my own circus center for the West Michigan community. To offer a range of circus activities both in the air and on the ground.

As a performer I travel all over the country to perform my act as well as teach a short beginner routine to those willing to try their strengths and balance in the air. By having great person and communication skills I form meaningful friendships with people of all walks of life.

 I've been an aerial princess at a family reunion, a sexy stranger in the  ceilings of night clubs, street performer, and a hippie festival performer. 

My favorite part of performing is showing my audience how important dedication and determination are. Hearing my on lookers gasp as I drop suddenly and quickly maneuver my body into new positions 20 feet off the ground is the most satisfying feeling. As a performer my goal is to always put on the best show possible and open the minds of those who have never witnessed such incredible strength and passion.

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