Are you hosting an event that needs some excitement? Have you heard of aerial arts? Have you ever thought of trying it or know someone who has always wanted to try? Hire Rainbow Flyte to dangle dance 18 feet off the ground. Awe your guests with cirque style super human entertainment. 

From weddings to birthday parties festivals and bachelorette parties, Rainbow brings her 16ft or 20ft aerial tripod rig and aerial apparatuses for a fun interactive side show for children and adults of all ages. 

Rainbow Flyte is famously known at Hippie Fest. Where she performs in the air on aerial fabrics, aerial hammock, aerial ladder and aerial hoop. You can find Rainbow Flyte and Hippie Fest on Facebook and Instagram. 

Rainbow loves to teach people what aerial life is all about. She spots and coaches volunteers through a beginner series on the silks. Everyone big, small, old, and young can try aerial silks. With the right coach, it can be fun, exciting and a time you will never forget or regret.

Hire for just performance  - contact about ceiling height, rigging points, ect. 


Hire for performance and instruction


Hire for just instruction